TEDI Game Jam #6


people’s choice awards : My Medicine


DDI: Drunk Dance Island

Gopnik Slayer – Secret Hammer Madness
Gopnik Slayer is a VR game made during a gamejam. It supports Oculus rift. The main goal is to hit heads of bad gopnik’s during the song. The game is missing a lot of features, as it was made during gamejam.

My Medicine

Robo Escape

As a robot who just suddenly woke up in factory, realise that colony on mars is collapsing and electric storm is rising from the ground. Your ultimate goal in this third person adventure climbing simulator, is to find a path from ground level of city to the top of the highest tower. There is control switch that cut power off from generators, which are powering up this unstable, continuously rising electric storm and save your Robo life!

This game was created on school game jam within 48 hours! 


Tomáš Sonlaitner, Marek Cesarík, Matúš Dolník, Adam Tóth

Robotic Madness

Stomper: Pink Worm Magic