Members of TEDI Games actively participate on Game Jam events where best games are evaluated by experts from the field.
Some of our games were awarded.
Here is an ever growing list in chronological order :

TRNAVA Game Jam 2022 – 3rd place [Info]

Bratislava Game Jam 2020 – 1st place [info],[info]

LAG 2019 – 1st & 3rd place [info]

Game Days 2019 – 2nd place [info]

Comics Salon Game Jam 2018 – 1st place [info]

Fest Anča Game Jam 2018 – 3rd place [info]

LAG 2018 – 1st place [info]

Bratislava Game Jam 2017 – Honorable recognition for aesthetics [info]

2016 – [info]

LAG 2016 – „Voice of the audience“ award [info]