LAG 2017

LAG 2017 (Letnia Akademia Gier)

As participants of LAG Game Jam 2017 in Ostrava (Czech Republic) & later on in Cieszyn (Poland) we were working together with colleagues from Czech and Polish universities on these games.
The game names were randomly generated. And the teams had to create games to fit the name.

TEDI Games members were in team Orange and Purple and were making games with following names:

Boring Alien baseball

The game is a sports simulation game made completly ground up for Virtual Reality.

Due to the fact that the team was comprised with mostly 2D artists it is a combination of 2D and 3D assets. Experimentaly blending in virtual reality.

The player has to hit several targets so he can advance to next level & oponent.

Legend of Gnome Reloaded

(more info & videos will follow)