Bearly News

We participated at FACTS GAME JAM 2024, the task was clear: to create a game concerning the topic of journalism, fact checking and news games. Our game is a newsgame that aims to provide players with objective information about brown bear issues in a fun way, based on relevant scientific and journalistic sources. The game aims to remove emotions from the public debate that currently accompanies the topic of wild animals near human settlements. In Slovakia, there are more frequent encounters between humans and bears. It is a highly publicised topic that arouses emotions and has also become a weapon of populists. The players therefore play from the point of view of the bear, trying to survive in a forest full of people and get all the newspapers in order to save a bear.

The game won 1st prize!!! YAY!!

Created by
Dalibor Bartoš [Game design & Code]
Danyelle A. C. Burke
Michal Kabát [Game design, Sound & Music]
Magda Švecová.