T1R (That One Room)

14.apr.2023 – 16.apr.2023 – Brno Game Jam

Our game finished on 2nd place as voted by the attendees of the game jam.
And won overall 3rd place as voted by expert jury from the industry.

We have all lived for a while in that one room where all the important moments in our favourite tv show happen. Can you recognise famous tv-show sets, handcrafted in isometric lowpoly and match them with appropriate tune, character and brand? In this demo you can play for free trough 12 iconic sets. 

If you are younger than 30 years, you can toggle the ultra-realistic nostalgia mode by pressing SPACE. 

Game prototype was created in 48 hours at Brno Game Jam 2023 by:
Dalibor Bartoš (code & design)
Matěj Beránek (3d assets)
Michal Kabát (2d assets, sound, design)
Dominika Kimličková (3d assets)