( 8.4.2018 ) Ekomon was created for education purposes as University project. It’s AR game for mobile phones / tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Ultimate goal of this game is to learn young kids to be aware of pollution around them on streets, parks and learn them how to be more eco-friendly. 

As a player, you are owner of small ekomon monster. Your goal is to take pictures of trash (virtual and real one) on the ground. Than you will earn points for finding a trash, whitch your ekomon can eat and level up. When you take picture of a real trash, you also get bonus experience points. If u take picture of trash in sachet + picture of waste bin / trash bin, you can earn double experience points and cosmetic item from waste bin… yes it’s a loot box and save station!
Target audience are young students of primary school and everybody, who want this planet to be really green!

Created by: Tomáš Sonlajtner, Tomáš Guba, Ján Mareš, Martin Kusý