Entery for Epic Mega Jam 2019

M✪iLAND! is a local-multiplayer game with hidden educational elements. Game sets 3 players against each other in struggle for world domination via  conquering as much countries as possible. 

Players can compete in various game modes – either aimed at speed of acquiring countries (first to 1/2), level of knowledge they have about the world (only10 mode) or both (doomsday mode). Score of each player depends on selected game metrics. In this demo you can switch between population and area of each country, but it can be basicaly any measurable data for each country (ie. net income or gdp).

Players can develop different strategies using provided map and their knowledge about selected metrics. They can learn it by playing as the game constantly shows values for countries they are currently „visiting“. Game also helps to understand the concept of round earth, when it´s needed.

In near future we plan to develop a version for mobile devices, where each player only sees his own part of gameplay instead of split screen provided in this demo.

Game design: Michal Kabat, Code: Tomas Fusko & Marek Zacik
3D assets: Matej Vrzgula, Sound: Tomas Farkas

DOWNLOAD : https://tedigames.itch.io/moiland