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Peter Stríž


this guy saw the sunlight for the first time in 1985, and his first memories of computer games date back to 1989 when he began to develop a strong bond with gaming on an ATARI ST. He loves martial arts, ninjas and fighting in general, but if you would meet him in a dark alley, you would not need to be scared. He is friendly, handsome, funny and despite his love for gaming, you could say he is the dream of every girl. He loves single player games as he sucks at competitive gaming, but you might have lost against him in Heartstone or League of Legends. He keeps up to date with the latest technology trends and works for one of the fortune 500 companies. Special power: can solve a 3×3 rubix cube in less than 3 minutes


Bystrík Novák


A man with remarkable appearance and thinking, interested in news from the game and media industry. He’s open to new suggestions that he can creatively convert to text, image or video. Pseudo-youtuber, blogger, social media GuRu, webmaster, staff member of Unicon and GEOcacher. He is legendary for untrimed 99 constitution cape in Runescape and platinum in LoL. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava.


Boris Bezchleba


This is Boris. He is a simple young healthy family guy interested in game development and also in playing good AAA games. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava. Boris is trying to learn something about 2D and 3D game graphics, game concepts and also little bit about game mechanics.