Dalibor Bartoš
Founder - Programmer
Best known as DExUS , interested in IT in general, mainly virtual reality and digital games, Japanese language, military air-soft and gadgets of any kind. Owned a small hardware/software company in years 2003-2007, after that he joined a large international company as unix server administrator in year 2007. Currently studying "Theory of Digital Games" at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava. Expert in Delphi (Pascal) programming language.
Michal Bartoš
Co-founder - Theoretician
Nicknamed as Pit, with more than 20+ years of gaming experience harvesting information of games and theory behind them with focus on gameplay features, marketing and merchendise. Also interested in Music, Anime, Military tactical stuff and airsoft weaponary. Worked as Expert Process Engineer and later joinned team of server administrators in 2009. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava.
Juraj Mikula
Co-founder - GFX designer
Game enthusiast, and graphics designer. Interested in game cinematics and editing. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava.

Bystrík Novák
Media relations - video editing
A man with remarkable appearance and thinking, interested in news from the game and media industry. He's open to new suggestions that he can creatively convert to text, image or video. Pseudo-youtuber, blogger, social media GuRu, webmaster, staff member of Unicon and GEOcacher. He is legendary for untrimed 99 constitution cape in Runescape and platinum in LoL. Currently studying “Theory of Digital Games” at University of st. Cyril & Metod in Trnava.
Michal Kabát
Media relations - 2D Graphics
Focuses on digital media and in manner that goes beyond the traditional ones, especially in terms of interactivity and nonlinearity. In addition, interested in the field of graphic design and he is dedicated to the creation of promotional graphics and visual identity elements. He graduated from UCM FMK Trnava in all three levels of higher education program in mass media communication. Today he operates as a lecturer and teaches subjects related to digital media.
Peter Stríž
3D Graphics
this guy saw the sunlight for the first time in 1985, and his first memories of computer games date back to 1989 when he began to develop a strong bond with gaming on an ATARI ST. He loves martial arts, ninjas and fighting in general, but if you would meet him in a dark alley, you would not need to be scared. He is friendly, handsome, funny and despite his love for gaming, you could say he is the dream of every girl. He loves single player games as he sucks at competitive gaming, but you might have lost against him in Heartstone or League of Legends. He keeps up to date with the latest technology trends and works for one of the fortune 500 companies. Special power: can solve a 3x3 rubix cube in less than 3 minutes